Issue #2

Quantum Technology News

Why should businesses care about quantum computing? Alibaba is putting a large investment into quantum research centers to secure their data with quantum technology, instead of securing data with mathematical complexity like current cryptographic algorithms. The threat of quantum computing is starting to worry companies that need to keep their data secure against the quantum adversary.

IARPA LogiQ's program deadline is approaching. The LogiQ program will kick off in February with a goal to build a logical qubit within 5 years. While the program is written to closely align with IBM's research goals, there is another award available.

Bonus - the story of Antman's quantum realm!


Twitter accounts to follow:

Perimeter Institute
Besides an active twitter account, Perimeter posts video lectures of advanced courses in topics such as Quantum Field Theory, Quantum Gravity, and Mathematical Physics.

Institute of Quantum Information and Matter at Caltech

John Preskill
John Preskill is famous for his work in quantum information, and quantum error correcting codes, which are necessary to a functional quantum computer.